The Swirl Podcast, Episode 61: Men Are Cancelled

November 3, 2017

This week, Ruby starts Twitter beef and goes mildly viral. Kodi has questions. Plus, we talk Questlove’s Funky Spotify College Level Rap History Class, KFC’s amusing social media tricks, and how to respond when someone is not minding their own bee’s wax in a bar. All that, plus the usual nonsense. Produced by Stephanie Ruby & Kodi Seaton. Mixed & edited by Kodi Seaton.

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Show Notes

  • 00:00

    INTRO / SHOW OPEN / Ruby’s social media squabble with Amber Tamblyn and David Cross goes viral and begs the question: When it is time to apologize?

  • 27:00

    HERE FOR IT — KFC’s 11 Twitter friends are full of herbs and spices (Kodi’s pick) / Questlove teaches Keith Olbermann about music (Ruby’s pick)

  • 34:56

    Q&HEY — Outdoor etiquette (Ruby’s pick)

  • 41:34

    THE GOOD WORD — “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” ~Albert Einstein. (Kodi’s pick)

  • 43:25



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The Swirl is produced by Kodi Seaton & Stephanie Ruby. Mixed & Edited by Kodi Seaton. Social media support provided by Justine Bronson and Tim Fennell.

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